Adrian Hart and Zeke Wood

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: February 5, 2021

Description: Adrian Hart & Zeke Wood meet for the first time and in this episode, guest directed by Tayte Hanson, they find out they share being a power verse sex partner: easily flipping between dom top and power bottom..and anywhere in between. Zeke & Adrian are into each other from the start, sensually making out at length and getting naked with their sexy bodies entwine. Zeke can't hold back anymore and goes down on Adrian's girthy cock. Zeke feasts on it and pleases Adrian who feeds him more and face-fucks him. And, knowing what Adrian wants, Zeke sits on his face for ass-eating while continuing to suck his big dick. Adrian enjoys Zeke's cock too while still eating his hole, prepping him for what's next. At one point Zeke sits up and makes his move sliding down on Adrian's cock and riding him They quickly get in sync with an energetic give and take, finding positions to give each other pleasure. And after Zeke bounces up and down and grinds on Adrian's cock, they effortlessly flip the switch. Adrian turns over and Zeke pounds him from behind and gets on top and drills him, only stopping once to rim Adrian's bubble butt. Soon, the guys switch again with Adrian getting Zeke on his back and flipping his legs to lap at his hole again. Adrian soon resumes fucking Zeke, steadily with perfectly focused thrusting action that produces unexpected results: Zeke shoots his load hands-free! An excited Adrian lubes his cock with the jizz to keep fucking Zeke who cums a second time with greater intensity. Adrian pounds him until he pulls out, shoots over Zeke's hole, and breeds him, almost fucking him off the bed! Zeke is oblivious to this, totally spent and on a post-sex high, punctuated by Adrian's kiss.

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