Halloween Special: Little Survivors, Big Inspectors

Studio: Fun-Size Boys

Casting: , , ,

Release Date: October 28, 2021

Description: We’ve been in the safe zone for more than a year now. When the pandemic got real bad, we went to see if we could join one of the scientific communities there where cures were being tested. We drove most of the way to the city, and then, after running out of gas, were forced to abandon our car and walk about 40 miles. San Francisco was entirely empty, real spooky, like something from a horror film, so we headed towards the commune in Golden Gate Park and have been here ever since. It feels safe. It’s a men-only space, which can have its benefits. To make things a little more interesting, the guys here seem to be constantly horny, particularly the scientists, who must get real tired of being away from their wives and stuff. No one, not even the scientists, can leave this place. We’re sealed off from the rest of the world. If the virus got in here, all the good we’ve been doing would be wrecked. We periodically get taken into an examination room for tests. The process used to freak me out. The walls are lined with polythene and the place stinks of plastic, rubber and disinfectant. The scientists send inspectors into the space wearing protective clothing and looking like they’ve arrived to mop up after a gruesome murder! Then the inspectors start taking our blood, our temperature, and, increasingly, our body fluids. I mean every fluid you could imagine. When they realized the virus was being transmitted through semen as well as saliva, they had to start taking cum samples from us as well. They try to make the experience as pain-free as possible. I love the inspectors, largely because they’re all so freakin’ tall. They must deliberately choose tall men for the job or something because they tower over me and make me feel like a kid as they prod and poke and run their hands all over my body. Last week I was called to the examination room with a new guy called Adrian, who’s not been in the commune for very long. He’s about my age and height, but he intrigues me because he’s really hairy! He’s got a man’s body, but the face of a twink. I’ve actually started to develop a bit of a crush on him because, despite being small, he seems really dominant. I’ve actually been too nervous to talk to him up to this point, so when I saw we’d been called in together, I was quite excited. As usual, they asked us to undress in a side room but then they told us to cover ourselves in a sort of oil which was apparently being used as some sort of first defence ointment. Adrian was asking all sorts of questions about it and he got real frustrated and all puffed-up when they refused to answer. He’ll get used to the way things happen around here. They like the boys here to be on the submissive side. It’s best just to sit back and let things happen! The inspectors ushered us into the main room and sat us on an examination table. Despite being covered top-to-toe in PPE, I immediately knew we were in the presence of Inspectors Steele and Dietrich. They started to rub the oil more thoroughly into our skin. I kept looking across at Adrian. The oil was kinda glistening on his chest and leg hair and the sight got me a bit hard. Adrian was obviously getting a little turned on as well; Inspector Steele’s rubber gloves were sliding all over his body and he kept licking his lips in pleasure. Inspector Dietrich had plainly been tasked with working on me - and he was making me crazy horny. He kept lifting my legs up onto his shoulders and pushing his fingers into all sorts of places where fingers aren’t really meant to go! I dunno why it should feel so good to have a gloved finger pushed inside a hole, but I was suddenly rock hard. I looked across and noticed Inspector Steele was jerking Adrian off and saw that Adrian was hard as well. I felt the urge to turn my attention to Adrian. I just wanted to know how that manly, hairy body of his felt, so I started to gently run my hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Seconds later I had my mouth wrapped around his beautiful dick while Inspector Steele massaged his feet and Dietrich worked on my prostate. It was a pretty intense moment. Everything was silent but for the rustle of polythene and the sound of gentle moaning. They got us kneeling on the table and I felt the overwhelming desire to kiss Adrian. I figured they’d stop me if by kissing him I was breaking all the rules, but they seemed happy for me to get on with it. Adrian kissed real well. Real deep and masculine like he wanted me big time. Dietrich must have had at least two fingers in my hole at the same time, so my head was spinning! They lifted us off the table and had us lean against it. I could hear Inspector Dietrich removing his gloves and then the sound of him unzipping himself out of his protective clothing. I love that sound because it means someone’s gonna get fucked! It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar feeling of him tapping his dick against my ass cheek, and within seconds he had his wet, slippery tongue deep inside my hole. Then he was pushing himself into me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but Inspector Dietrich’s dick is so big, it always takes my breath away and I find myself unable to do anything but try to control my breathing as he slowly slides himself into me. I could hear him spitting on his dick for more lubrication and then he was ramming into me, leg up on the table so he could go in extra deep. I know there’s something sadistic about him. I know he likes it when I feel discomfort. When I squirm or gasp, he just goes harder. Minutes later I was on my back on the end of the table with Inspector Steele pumping his thick dick inside me. Harder and harder he went. It was like he couldn’t wait to cum. Dietrich picked Adrian up and placed him down again with his dick in my mouth. So there I was with Inspector Steele banging my ass and Adrian pushing his meat into my mouth, and, if I’m honest, it was all just a little bit too much for me. I could feel the semen rising in my shaft and knew it was too late to try to hold it back. Seconds later, it was squirting out of me, all over my hands and belly. Then Inspector Steele started roaring and I could feel his jizz bursting into me. He pulled out, looked across at Dietrich, and told him to add his load. And, sure enough, moments later, I heard the squelch of Dietrich pushing himself into my now sloppy hole. He came pretty quick as well and it must have been a fairly giant load because when he pulled out, I could feel it gushing out of me. Then I noticed they were pushing some of it into Adrian, which felt quite naughty, but very sexy. I’m sure it was all part of the treatment, but I can think of worse treatments to have!

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