Alan Bulka vs Radek Cerveny – WRESTLING

Studio: William Higgins

Casting: ,

Release Date: February 21, 2021

Description: Alan Bulka is matched against Radek Cerveny for submission wrestling. They both look good and they warm up before the match begins. Then they start the match. They are quickly rolling around on the mats, trying to gain a decent hold. Their bodies are entwined as they grapple with each other. Radek's underwear is pulled off his ass in the process of grappling. Soon the underwear is off completely, exposing his sexy ass as well as his cock. He reciprocates by ensuring that Alan's ass gets exposed too. With both of them naked, asses and cocks are shown well as they get to grips with each other. Alan is able to get a decent neck hold on Radek which delivers the first point. After a drink they resume the wrestling, with asses spreading and cocks flailing as the roll over the floor. Alan seems intent on spanking Radek's ass too as they wrestle. Radek responds in kind, with a slap or too. He also manages to gain a submission to put a point on the board. They slide around on the mats as they continue to try to gain a good hold. Alan prevails in the 3rd round to get his second point. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. Alan enjoys being oiled and his dick responds by getting very hard indeed. It stays hard too as he oils Radek. Then they begin the wrestle again. The oily bodies slide around all over the place as they grapple with each other. Although Radek is able to gain another submission it is Alan who wins the match. Then they settle down for a wank off. As the wank themselves and get nice and hard they are persuaded to wank each other briefly. Radek wins the race to cum, shooting a big load onto the mats. Alan continues wanking and soon unloads his cum onto his left thigh. They clean each other's cock and then go off to the shower to wash off all the oil and sweat.

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