Alan Davis and Tom Bacan RAW

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 25, 2021

Description: Alan Davis and Tom Bacan were very excited to get right into the action, and they wasted no time. Straight away, they start passionately making out and pawing at each other.

Soon, they're peeling off their t-shirts and rubbing each other's cocks through their pants before Tom starts kissing and licking his way down Alan's torso. As Tom removes Alan's jeans, he begins to slowly kiss and tease Alan's dick through his briefs before pulling off Alan's underwear completely to reveal his chubbed-up, uncut cock.

Tom gets to work licking and sucking Alan's balls. As Alan gets fully erect, Tom begins sucking and throating Alan's cock, impressing him with his oral skills.

Alan quickly gets into how enthusiastically Tom is blowing him, getting up on his knees and throat-fucking Tom as deeply as he can take it, pressing down on the back of Tom's head. Tom's a real trooper.

Next it's Tom's turn to receive some oral - Tom lays back and Alan pulls out Tom's hard, uncut cock and goes to town, licking, sucking, and playing with Tom's foreskin. Tom thoroughly enjoys the attention.

Tom flips Alan over and starts eating Alan's ass, tonguing and rimming Alan's hole while stroking BOTH cocks.

After all this foreplay, Alan and Tom are both ready to fuck. Tom climbs on top of Alan and sits on Alan's dick, impressing Alan with his ability to quickly accommodate Alan's dick in his ass. They move through various positions while Alan pounds Tom's hole harder and faster.

As Tom lays on his back, Alan fucks Tom's load right out of him as Tom busts all over his chest and stomach. Alan pulls out and adds his nut to the mix, leaving quite a mess.

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