Angel Rivera and Zach Astor

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: March 10, 2021

Description: Angel Rivera & Zach Astor have a mutual case of lust at first sight and although they're both soft-spoken types, they're very direct and open about their attraction. Not long after they start kissing Angel gets Zach naked to suck and deep throat his giant cock. Zach returns the favor, but Angel goes back for more, feasting on every inch of Zach's shaft and balls, kissing him deeply, and taking all the face-fucking he doles out.

In time Zach does some feasting too as Angel gets on the bed with his ass up so Zach can eat out his hole. Zach works his magic on Angel, making him moan with true pleasure as he rims him and probes his hole with two fingers as he gets him ready for his cock. And as Angel says he is, "very ready" laying fat a spreading open his hole. Zach mounts him and after stretching him out slowly, starts to grind deep into Angel who son is gripping the sheets.

After turning Angel on his back, Zach gives his long, straight cock the thorough oral attention his own fat cock got and then goes for round two of fucking Angel. Zach pounds him from the side relentlessly until Angel takes the reins again with some more deep sucking. When Zach reaches around to finger him, Angel takes his cue and starts riding Zach. Angel works his hole on Zach's cock while stroking his own and enhancing the experience by working his nipples.

But in time Zach takes control again and fucks Angel doggy style bringing him closer to the edge. But Zach finishes him off by drilling him from the side again until Angel shoots a sky-rocketing geyser of thick cum. Almost immediately after that Zach pulls out and Angel positions himself and catches with his open mouth virtually all of Zach's heavy load. They share a satisfying,cum-tasty kiss that will linger long after their lips part.

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