Passing Cousins

Studio: Irmaos Dotados

Casting: ,

Release Date: N/A

Description: Biel Lima has had a very hot intense relationship with his cousin Arthur Ferri since he was a teenager. The two meet and the desire between them intensifies. Biel spends a season at Arthur's house that welcomes him with great pleasure. While Biel finishes bathing, Arthur stays in the room on the bed waiting for him. After his cousin gets out of the bath, Arthur decides to go take a shower too. While Arthur is in the bathroom, Biel watches him through the door lock and marvels at his cousin's delicious cock. Biel masturbates while watching the scene of his cousin under the shower, rubbing the soap over his body and his hand passing over his delicious cock. Biel masturbates and gets very excited when he watches his cousin Arthur who, when he gets out of the bath, plays the proposal of the two to remember the old days of making out in adolescence. Biel loves the proposal and starts to suck his cousin's cock with ease. Arthur sits on the bed and lets his cousin suck him very horny. Rolling his eyes in pleasure Biel makes Arthur delirious with his hot and delicious mouth sucking his cock all over. Arthur puts his cousin on all fours and puts his cock inside her delicious and hot ass. Biel loves the feeling of giving again to his hung cousin and giving his greedy ass with great desire.

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