Ashton Silvers and Liam Addison

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: December 27, 2022

Description: The boys kneel shirtless, making out with each other, before Ashton slinks down Liam's front, lowers his underwear and begins sucking his cock. "Oh fuck," Liam moans as Ashton's wet lips spread over his tip and down his shaft. He sucks his cock as if he hasn't eaten for days. The blonde head bobs as he takes his entire erection into his throat.

So that Ashton can enjoy the feeling of wet lips on his massive member, he erects his body and Liam bends over to suck him. Slapping his tongue with his cock, Ashton rubs himself and shoves his balls into Liam's mouth. His long brunette hair falls towards the mattress while he obsesses over Ashton's gorgeous cock. The boys play with each other, Ashton slapping Liam's ass as he fills his mouth.

Impatient to assume his position as bottom bitch, Liam removes his underwear and bends quickly over to present his ass to Ashton's mouth. Taking charge, Ashton tugs at Liam's cock as he eats out his meal, spreading wet saliva up and down Liam's ass crack, dripping onto his balls and finally the bedsheets.

Backing up, Liam teases Ashton's hard dick with his asscheeeks, rubbing them against the shaft before finally Ashton slides his shaft into Liam's tight hole. He grabs hold of his hips and pulls Liam even closer to him, getting the depth around his cock and feeling the tight hole envelop him, his balls slapping against his taint. Liam's sack hangs in pleasure, freely drifting with each pulse of Ashton's cock inside him.

Ashton mounts Liam with purpose, and begins to pound him with intensity. He wraps his masculine hands and arms around Liam's neck and throat, taking for himself what he wants. The top maintains control of the wanting ass as he slides into Liam again and again, pleasuring the both of them in the process. Balls gently hitting Liam's asscheeks as Ashton continues to fuck him, Liam plays with himself, gripping his tip as he moans in enjoyment.

The tattoo on Ashton's chest bounces alongside his body movements. The pulsing beating into Liam, tight and rhythmic like Ashton's deep, purposeful breaths and Liam's long strokes on his cock. The boys get into a pattern, fucking like a coordinated rhythm section until Liam declares that he is going to cum. Ashton, taking the signal to bring himself to completion as well, continues to pump in unison. He unloads his hot cum until Liam, too, brings his shaft to it's finally peak of pleasure.

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