Morning Wood

Studio: Irmaos Dotados

Casting: ,

Release Date: July 2, 2021

Description: Who never woke up horny in the morning? Open your eyes and see his swollen and rock hard cock. As you watch your head glowing and ready for any action, your head (the one on top) starts looking for a solution to this MORNING WOOD. That's how Atlas woke up and his first initiative was to try to satisfy his desire by jerking off in the bathroom, while his hand went back and forth on the harder and harder cock he realized that this alone would not be enough, but he didn't want to wake up his friend, but there was no way out: Italo's hot ass was the invitation to nasting and Atlas, as you well know, can't resist one. Atlas wakes Italo up and they both start a spontaneous morning sex choreography, leaving those watching glazed and horny to watch these two whores making out with a lot of desire. “Morning Wood” is a movie that will take you to another level of horny, with blowjob scenes, back missionary, handjob, among other positions making you delirious and want to reach your deepest orgasm.

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