Scouts In Their Tent Buddy Check

Studio: Scout Boys

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Description: The scouts represent the very best in young mens’ refinement. Good grooming, proper discipline, abiding by a moral code of conduct, and following the chain of command in leadership. A good scout knows to obey the rules and fall in line with the rest of the troop.

Of course, boys will be boys. It’s understandable that with the outdoor activities and close quarters scouts will feel their testosterone surge and their excitement build. It can be hard for young men to control their urges, and at times, they fall short of their scoutmaster’s orders.

Take Scout Austin. He is charismatic, friendly, eager, and ready to volunteer for any task. He’s a model of scouting whenever he’s presented in front of his superiors. But when the scoutmasters aren’t looking, Austin tends to let his feelings get the better of him.

For instance, when he was paired up with Scout Oliver for an overnight outdoors, the two quickly became acquainted in ways not approved by the scout handbook. They stripped down far beyond what was necessary, even going so far as sharing a sleeping bag and feeling each other’s bodies. Officially, this kind of behavior is off-limits for a well-minded scout. Unofficially, there’s very little the scoutmasters can do when they’re not around.

Knowing this, Austin takes every opportunity to sneak into his buddy’s tent and become even closer. Oliver is a good kid with a promising future in scouts, but even he cannot resist the chance to make time with his cute tent partner.

With time limited before their scoutmasters return, the two boys quickly pull off their uniforms, kissing and caressing each other as the air in the tent gets thick with desire. Austin can hardly focus on undoing the buttons of his shirt as he thinks about Oliver’s smooth, athletic body. They wrestle each other to the ground, desperately trying to strip down to nothing.

Austin slides off Oliver’s shorts, giving a full view of his rock hard cock. So many nights are spent with the two of them fumbling in the dark, they’re thrilled to see what they’re doing in the diffused midday light. Austin takes it in his mouth, tasting its musky flavor before feeling it pulse in the back of his throat.

He looks up to give Oliver a kiss, wiping away his saliva before deeply tongue-knotting with his partner. Oliver leans down, returning the favor of his lean young buddy, taking his balls in his hands and swallowing his shaft down entirely.

Austin feels the boy’s hole as he sucks him off, feeling the intense heat coming off of it as Oliver continues to bob up and down. Austin’s cock gets hard and wet in his mouth, getting it ready for a hasty, passionate fuck.

Oliver can tell when Austin’s ready. The steel-like member is firm between his lips, getting harder with each lap of his tongue. Once it’s good and wet, the eager young man turns around, presenting his hole to his tent partner.

Austin wishes he could stop to appreciate the boy’s hot ass, but the scoutmaster could return any time, leaving them unfulfilled and blocked up for the rest of the day. They have to be fast. Austin slides his slick cock in Oliver’s hole, feeling the rush of warmth envelop him as each inch disappears in his ass.

Oliver bit his lip, trying to hold in the urge to moan loudly into the woods. The sound would have echoed all around and easily alerted the other scouts. Instead, he dripped onto the slippery nylon sleeping bags beneath him, trying to brace himself as Austin reached the base of his cock.

Austin began fucking, sliding his shaft in and out, working his cock over. Oliver swapped positions again and again, getting on his back, then on top, then on his side, all trying to give Austin the best chance at cumming. Austin looked into Oliver’s eyes, not wanting the moment to end.

The only thing that could have ruined their time together would be the approaching footsteps of the scoutmaster, calling them out and catching them in the act. Still, as much as it concerned them, it also excited them. They were doing something they shouldn’t, and that made it all the hotter!

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