Bentley Layne and Peyton Reynolds Serviced

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: February 17, 2021

Description: When Peyton underestimated his ability to handle a larger butt-plug during his solo, I myself underestimated his ability to suck cock.

He stated that he really liked to service guys, so I had them start with him blowing Bentley.

And boy, did he jump right away to deep-throat action right away! I was impressed! He was in piggy heaven for sure.

This time out we started with a larger butt-plug, and that kept him aroused and submissive. Bentley slid it in to his hairy ass, teasing him a bit before pushing it in.

Peyton wanted a facial as well. Bentley jerked to feed him his own load, but Peyton beats him to it, jerking his own load out first.

Bentley is the master of cumming on command, so he jerked his cock in overdrive to catch-up.

Despite shooting his own load, Peyton was still hungry for his cum, and eagerly slurped-up Bentley's cum!

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