Brock Banks and Leo Grand

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: August 5, 2021

Description: The Camp CockyBoys BBQ & homemade pizza party brought together old friends and new acquaintances like Brock Banks & Leo Grand! They shared a pizza and found common ground when it comes to being "cocky". For Brock & Leo it's not letting people's expectations and assumptions define them. Instead, these two have found the freedom to be who they want to be...on camera and off!

After the party Leo & Brock get some alone time in the bedroom where Brock affectionately kisses Leo all over. He soon focuses his attention on Leo's cute ass, specifically his "honey hole" and he uses all of his mouth & tongue on it. Brock just can't get enough, and Leo loves all the pleasure including Brock cock-teasing his hole. So, when Brock wants it, Leo is happy to suck his big dick.

Leo gives Brock's cock lots of attention only stopping periodically to kiss him. At the same time Brock can't keep his hands off Leo's butt. Finally, he just has to be inside Leo, who agrees and in no time, he's sitting on Brock's cock, riding him and taking his deep thrusts. Brock still gives his hole a break by sucking his cock, while Leo reaches behind Broke to stroke him. And when asked, Leo's goes right back to sucking Brock and getting his cock spit-lubed again.

Soon Brock puts Leo into position and after a little more ass eating slides in from behind and power tops him with passionate domination and dirty talk. After pounding him every which, Brock gets Leo on his back to drill him on his back and their connection intensifies. Brock's targeted thrusts do their job and Leo shoots a thick load over himself. Brock pulls out just in time to cum on Leo's hole, a thick load they both love. Already bound together they seal it with one more deep kiss.

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