Tailored For Cock

Studio: MEN

Casting: ,

Release Date: August 8, 2022

Description: Handsome Brysen and his fiance show up at Joey Mills's tailor shop for a pre-wedding fitting, and Joey thinks Brysen will fit just perfectly in his hole. After distracting the fiance, Joey sneaks to his secret peephole and spies on Brysen's impressive ass and dick in the fitting room before stepping in to offer some help sucking that cock. The guys kiss and Brysen fucks Joey up against the wall as his man sits outside none the wiser, and even lifts him up for a stand-and-carry. The twink moans as he takes it doggystyle, and Brysen spanks his ass before fucking his face. Joey rides the top and takes a hot facial before inviting Brysen back for another fitting!

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