Calan and Chris

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Casting: ,

Release Date: November 23, 2022

Description: If you're as thrilled as the rest of us Calan is back in action at CF, you've really been looking forward to this episode - Calan's first bout of hardcore CF action in quite some time!

What's so great about having Calan back is he was a total stud during his first round of action at CF, and has only gotten studlier and sexier since - more handsome, more built, and - as you're all about to discover here, and as Chris is set to experience first hand - even more skilled in the bedroom!

Calan's returned to CF clearly having learned a thing or two since he was last here. He was in some blazingly hot scenes back then, but has even more confidence now and he does nothing short of rock Chris' world in this special episode that kicks the holiday season into full swing at CF. Chris discovers a vet like Calan can most definitely teach him a thing or two as Calan totally goes to town on Chris' hole - first with his tongue, then with his big, stiff dick.

With Calan being welcomed back by this new generation of CF stars, first with a massage from Eli and now with a hot fuck with Chris, it'd seem Calan's back to plant his flag and show these young upstarts how it's done!

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