Calvin Banks Live Threeway

Studio: Colby Knox

Casting: , ,

Release Date: January 26, 2022

Description: Hunky Calvin Banks sits on the coach. His mouth stuffed with dick. The meat he sucks belongs to Colby Chambers. Mickey Knox, Colby's husband, comes into view. There's a bulge in his shorts. He pulls them down and Calvin deep throats him. "A kid in a candy shop," Calvin explains as his hands stroke both johnsons. Calvin alternates between Colby and Mickey, but the husbands have their eyes on Calvin's tush. "Can't wait to see these back muscles flex when we are balls deep in his ass," Colby exclaims. However, before there's any fucking Calvin's mighty meat needs to be serviced. He pulls his shorts down. Colby gobbles first. Then Mickey. Colby licks Calvin's cum filled nuts. He takes a break to make out with Calvin. Mickey tries to fit as much dick in his mouth. "I love that you all are cut," Calvin observes as he jerks Colby off. The trio has a brief conversation about "palming" (always use lots of lube!). Calvin stands in front of the camera. His booty right in front of Colby. "You all can stick it in if you want," Calvin says. Colby spits on his hand and Calvin slowly sits down. His hole is stretched by Colby's bare shaft. Mickey takes control of the camera, giving us great views. "Fuck. That is hot," he states. Calvin gets on his back and Colby pounds to the balls. Calvin mutters "fuck me" as his hole is rearranged. It's obvious Calvin wants it all because he nods his head on each downstroke. "Take it, sir," Calvin whispers. "I'm going to breed you so hard," Colby says. "In a little bit. "It's all yours," Calvin answers. It's now Mickey's turn to have a taste of Calvin cake as Colby films. "I like my spit," Calvin says, putting salvia in his hole. Mickey also fucks balls deep. Calvin's eyes roll back as his special spot is rammed. "Your dick curves up," he remarks. "It's right on my prostate." Calvin rolls off the coach, his booty facing the camera. Mickey gives that hole a few licks and gets back in. Calvin cries into the cushion. The fucking is so furious Calvin has to put the couch sections back together. Mickey loves to get fucked, but don’t forget he's a beast when it comes to stuffing man holes. "There's so much pre-cum dripping out of me," Mickey observes. The boys take a break but Colby wants to fuck some more. "It's almost a magnetic pull," he says as he saddles up behind a standing Calvin. Mickey gets behind Colby. "What do you think you're doing," Colby wonders. "Just getting some frottage in there," Mickey answers. Busting Colby will have to happen another day. Mickey takes the camera again, giving us the view of Colby's prick separating Calvin's cheeks. "Can't wait to put my fucking, big load in you," Colby utters. "Get in there," Calvin orders. There's another break. Calvin is on the couch, folded in half. "This is how Calvin unwinds after a scene," Colby jokes. "Just fold me up and fuck me like a pretzel," Calvin says. "I don't care.” As for Mickey, he munches Calvin's exposed hole. "I'm a vers bottom," Calvin says to the viewers. "I can top and I will top. But I prefer to get fucked." "God bless people like you," Mickey responds. "Big dick bottoms." Colby does a Bernie Sanders impersonation about lube. It is so good, it must be heard. Any transcription will destroy the humor :-) Mr. "big dick bottom" gets back on his back and Colby returns to his favorite position. As he face fucks Calvin, Mickey gives us a wonderful view of Calvin's about to be plugged hole. When Colby's tool is properly engorged, he returns to fucking Calvin. He is here to be used, his hole wrecked. "Fuck, yeah," Mickey says off camera. "Grab his ass." Colby pushes Calvin's knees to his ears, never missing a stroke. Colby pulls out so Mickey can have more fun. This time, Calvin sits on Mickey's rod. "Those fucking cheeks jiggling every time you thrust in," Colby says. "So hot." He slaps one of Calvin's perfect butt cheeks as Mickey hammers home. Calvin leans over to suck Colby's dick. Both of his openings are crammed. "It's your man's turn now," Calvin announces as he hops off Mickey to ride Colby's wood. Mickey must be enjoying the show because he's playing with his nipple and stroking his cock. "I got to bend you over," Colby says to Calvin, who gets on his hands and knees. Colby works his way back into that man pussy. "Sexy, fucking, sweaty back,” Colby declares. He is ready to pop and he wants to make sure Calvin gets every drop. All this fucking gets to Mickey first. He's next to his man, jerking away. His load spurts out, landing on Calvin’s ass. "You want me to breed you," Colby asks. "Yes, sir," Calvin moans. "Yes, sir." Colby does breed Calvin, leaving his juice in the hole. "Please keep fucking me," Calvin begs. "I want to cum." He gets on his back and Colby keeps fucking him. Calvin's load ends on the top of his stomach. The big dick bottom teases Mickey that he also wanted his man milk up his ass. Well, Mr. “Big Dick Bottom.” Now you have another reason to return to ColbyKnox.

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