Jared and Carter Take Turns

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Casting: , ,

Release Date: November 29, 2022

Description: Richie's really on the receiving end of some royal treatment here, getting tagged by Carter and Jared. Both the guys taking turns on Richie's hole are working with some impressive equipment, as we know, and Richie can't help but smirk and smile as the dicks come out and he gets a really good, up close look at the cocks he's going to be taking on in this threesome!

With what is bound to be a relentless, merciless assault on Richie's hole, Carter makes sure he gets it warmed up and ready with some deep rimming. He knows his tongue will get Richie's hole primed for what follows, and it sure seems to have done the trick by the time Richie's lowering himself on to Carter's cock, then Jared's.

From that point forward, Richie's getting drilled and pounded left and right and center and on cloud nine throughout every bit of it. What must surely be his favorite moment during all of it, though, is when Carter then Jared paint Richie with their loads - Carter and Jared each fire off absolutely massive loads that completely drench Richie all over!

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