Cesar Rossi and Max Romano RAW

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Description: Cesar Rossi and Max Romano are making out on the bed, exploring each other's bodies with their hands. It doesn't take long for Max to pull off his shorts, revealing his rock-hard cock, which Cesar helps himself to, leaning forward to take it into his mouth as he peels away his own trunks.

Cesar paws at Max's balls as he deep-throats Max's cock. Max closes his eyes and moans, then places his hand on the back of Cesar's head for encouragement.

Cesar rises to his knees and Max returns the favor, bending over and taking Cesar's uncut dick into his mouth. Cesar leans over and explores Max's ass as Max continues to throat Cesar's cock.

Max lays back down to enjoy some more of Cesar's expert cock sucking skills before Max gets on his knees, giving Cesar access to devour his hole. Cesar presses his face between Max's cheeks and tongue-fucks Max's hole as Max encourages him to spank him.

Cesar adds some lube, then presses his cock head against Max's hole, slowly pushing it in until he's balls-deep. Max rocks backward as Cesar quickly picks up the pace, plunging ever faster into Max's hungry ass.

Cesar lays on the bed so Max can feed him some more dick, then Max moves to the edge of the bed to worship Cesar's cock before moving to tongue Cesar's hole. Max stands, then slowly plunges his cock deep into Cesar's ass as Cesar strokes his dick.

Max fucks Cesar relentlessly as Cesar works up a thick load. Cesar blasts his nut all over his stomach, firing a couple ropes up on to his chest as Max fucks faster and deeper. As Cesar clenches his ass around Max's cock, Max fires his load deep inside Cesar, then pulls out to showcase the last couple drops for the camera.

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