Chris Shows No Mercy On Drew's Hole Raw

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: August 6, 2022

Description: The tattoos on their chest almost touch as Chris and Drew connect their lips sensually on the couch. They're clad in only their underwear - a striking blue and red that shows the bulges of their cocks underneath. Quickly, Drew finds Chris's cock underneath the fabric, releasing it and sucking on his hard shaft.

"Fuck," Chris moans to Drew's soft yet deliberate movements of his head. His left hand propping him up, he uses his right to play with himself before returning his complete attention to shoving Chris's raw cock down his throat. Chris bends over and takes Drew's hardness into his mouth now, gold chain around his neck hitting Drew's leg every time he sucks from tip to base. The teal underwear is slipped down his legs and onto the floor when Drew positions himself ready to take Chris's cock. Swifty, as if choreographed, Chris slides his cock into Drew's asshole. He gasps and moans in the sensation, face scrunched with pleasure.

Giving Drew his bottom a little slap, Chris pounds Drew with intent. Drew's perfect ass is perky and round as Chris rams into it. He pins Drew to the futon with his hand on the back of his neck, showing his signature dominant style to the freshman. Balls knocking against each other, Chris takes a few slow drags into Drew's asshole before positioning him against the couch.

Face buried into the back of the futon, Drew receives Chris's fine cock with grace. He lets Chris place his hands against the back of his neck, lets him pound into him harder, lets his balls slap against him. When they move to missionary, they kiss again as Chris slides deeper into Drew's cock hole. Their heavy breaths get louder as they get closer to the final moment of ecstasy. Drew pulls at his cock, filled with Chris's manhood. This is enough to bring Chris to the final moment of orgasm, jerking his tip to the very edge until hot cream spills out of him. Drew's cock, jealous of the attention, begs to finish too. He hold the base and satisfies his penis until it has emptied cum onto his stomach alongside Chris's contribution.

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