Cliff Jenson and Jesse Stone RAW

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: October 22, 2021

Description: Cliff Jenson and Jesse Stone are back and ready to fuck. Jesse loved sucking Cliff's hung cock and is really looking forward to taking it deep in his ass.

The pair start making out on the bed before peeling off their clothes down to their underwear. Jesse loves the scent of Cliff's musk, so he takes his time sniffing Cliff's armpit before working his way down to Cliff's fat dick.

Jesse expertly throats and sucks Cliff's cock with some assistance as Cliff pushes Jesse's head down on his shaft. Cliff likes to hear guys gag on his dick, and Jesse is happy to oblige.

Cliff is ready to pound Jesse's tight hole, so Jesse gets into position on all-fours. Cliff rails Jesse's hole, and you can tell Jesse loves it.

Cliff lays back so that Jesse can ride him cowboy-style. Jesse's hungry hole gobbles up Cliff's hard dick as Jesse bounces up and down, spreading his cheeks with his hands.

Jesse lays back on the bed as Cliff plunges back into his hole. As Cliff pounds deeper and deeper, Jesse blasts a huge load of cum all over his stomach. Cliff pulls out and adds his load to the mix, shooting ropes of cum all over Jesse's cock and balls.

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