Cliff Jenson and Michael Boston Edge

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: December 15, 2021

Description: Back from their recent RAW pairing, we are joined again by Cliff Jenson and Michael Boston - this time for an Edge scene!

We find Michael relaxing in his leather chair before Cliff walks in with a bandana. Cliff secures it tightly across Michael's eyes and gives Michael a few flirty chest-slaps before securing Michael's hands behind his back.

Cliff rubs and massages Michael's chest before tweaking, tugging, and flicking Michael's nipples. A few more chest slaps later, and Michael is starting to realize that he's completely under Cliff's control, and he likes it.

Cliff slowly increases the intensity, licking and nibbling at Michael's nipples before standing and giving Michael a few sniffs at his scent.

Cliff reaches down and starts stroking Michael's dick through his black briefs as he kisses Michael's neck. Cliff pulls Michael's briefs down and exposes his dick before stroking some more, stopping occasionally to tease.

Cliff pauses to gently run his fingers across Michael's balls. Michael purses his lips. As Cliff begins stroking again, it becomes increasingly obvious that Michael is on the edge. Cliff slows down and slaps Michael's cock against his stomach to back him down a bit before continuing.

After building him up and back down several more times, Michael is gritting his teeth and moaning. Cliff finally allows Michael to blast his nut across his stomach.

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