Cliff Jenson and Michael Boston RAW

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: November 26, 2021

Description: Cliff Jenson was a big hit the last time he appeared on the site, so we invited him back and this time we've paired him up with Michael Boston!

We find Cliff and Michael making out on the bed, with Cliff's fat dick peeking out the side of his briefs. Thirsty for some cock, Michael quickly makes his way down to Cliff's thick meat and eagerly swallows it down his throat.

Cliff grabs the back of Michael's head and gives Michael a proper skull-fucking. Even as talented and experienced as Michael is, Cliff's hard dick proves to be just a tad bit too much for Michael to handle, gagging and choking on it occasionally, much to Cliff's delight.

As Michael continues to throat Cliff's cock, Cliff leans over and pulls Michael's briefs to the side so he can play with Michael's hole. We get a few moments of split-screen action before Michael removes his briefs entirely and Cliff lays back on the bed, legs spread.

Michael gets on his knees and continues to work Cliff's hard dick. We can tell how much Cliff is enjoying it by the way his dick throbs and twitches whenever Michael needs a break. Cliff teases Michael with some encouraging words about how he's "getting ready to sit on it."

And sit on it he does! Michael climbs into a cowboy position and slides Cliff's cock deep inside his ass. Cliff grabs Michaels' hips and helps Michael grind down on his dick, swiveling and riding like he's on a bucking bronco.

Michael hops off to taste some of his ass on Cliff's cock before hoping right back on. Michael gets up on his feet to give him some more leverage for bouncing.

Michael rolls off and Cliff stands at the edge of the bed to give Michael another taste of his own ass. Cliff skull-fucks Michael some more before Michael turns around so Cliff can give him a good doggy-style pounding.

As Cliff gets closer and closer to the edge, he pulls out and busts a thick nut all over Michael's phat ass. Cliff scoops up some of his cum with his dick and shoves it deep inside Michael's hole.

Stay tune for more from these two!

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