Cody Seiya and Sean Xavier

Studio: CockyBoys

Casting: ,

Release Date: December 13, 2022

Description: A summer treat to warm up your winter: the perfect match of Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier! Sean was eager to film with Cody and vice-versa, and it turned out they had more in common than their mutual attraction. So, after Cody gave Sean a brief guided tour of Camp CockyBoys, they made in happen on the patio. Cody knew Sean was a "thoughtful & caring person" with his scene partners and finds it out for himself.

Playful affection leads to Sean sensuously sucking Cody and tonguing his hole and Cody doing his best to give Sean's big dick the same attention. Sean gives Cody's throat as much as he can handle and does the same when Cody offers up his hole and he slowly enters him and stretches him out. Sean finds Cody adapts well to his cock and takes control fucking him. Sean picks him up for mid-air fucking, then plows Cody on his back again.

Sean finds Cody can take it every way he fucks and that Cody is no passive bottom either when he energetically rides his cock. Cody soon brings himself to cum over Sean's abs—which Sean shares with Cody. Sean eats out Cody's hole, leading to an intense, quivering orgasm for him, extended by Cody licked his sensitive cock head. Cody happily gives Sean a big kiss and a "welcome to Camp CockyBoys!" And what a welcome it was!

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