Studio: Scout Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: N/A

Description: Timidly, Ian bent down, opening his mouth as he angled toward Cole’s cock, feeling it grow bigger and harder as he took it between his lips and on his tongue. Cole was right. It tasted great! It was just the right kind of sweaty after having walked the couple miles, giving it a flavor that made Ian’s mouth water.

Cole felt his member get milked in Ian’s mouth, impressed by his ability to suck and swallow his thick shaft. Clearly, this wasn’t his first time. Cole took off his shirt and pulled down the boy’s shirt, eager to see what the not-so-innocent scout’s ass looked like.

As the boy’s shorts fell, he saw his smooth, milky cheeks, pressed together beautifully in a jock strap. Cole’s raging hard-on reached its peak, making him horny to fuck and cum. Luckily, Ian’s sweet, soft bubble butt was right there, just waiting to be pounded.

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