Principal's Office

Studio: Twink Top

Casting: ,

Release Date: August 22, 2021

Description: Mr. Figata bent his ass over his desk, breathlessly awaiting the moment Cole would take what was his. Cole spit on the tip of his meat, looking at the smooth, muscular globes of his principal’s ass. So many times he’d seen it and thought it was just well shaped. Now, looking at it bare and poised to be fucked, it was one of the hottest things Cole had ever seen.

He pressed the tip of his cock to the warm, tight sphincter of the older man. Mr. Figata let out a groan of pleasure as his face made a big, satisfied smile. It was happening. It was really happening. Cole pushed in a little more, feeling the older man’s hole open to take him. It was hot and tight, wrapping around him like a wet velvet blanket. It felt so good that Cole could hardly pace his penetration.

Moving in further and deeper, Cole felt Mr. Figata’s insides massaging him, tightening and releasing as he invaded him inch by inch. Mr. Figata’s finger clenched to the edge of the desk, gripping it for support as he took the massive cock, feeling the slight sting of the size but not wanting it to stop for a moment.

Once Cole was in most of the way, he pulled back, beginning to slowly thrust his unwrapped cock inside his principal’s body. He wanted to take it easy, giving Mr. Figata a chance to get used to him, but the older man seemed keen on taking even more. Feeling a bit charged up from his power, Cole picked up the pace, looking to see the older man wince or whimper. Instead, he reached back and held onto Cole’s body, inviting him to fuck him even harder and deeper.

Cole decided if he could take it, he wasn’t going to hold back. He let loose and began to breed his principal with full force. It was so hot to be able to just think about his own pleasure and not worry about the delicacy of his bottom. Mr. Figata was clearly no virgin when it came to taking young meat and was grateful for every deep pounding he received. Cole wondered how many other students had found themselves similarly positioned in the office, a thought that made his balls tighten and his cock thicken up with desire.

He gripped onto the older man’s hips, feeling himself get close to cumming, but held off. He wanted to really enjoy the older man’s body, and wasn’t going to blow his load too soon…

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