Break-Up Break In

Studio: MENatPLAY

Casting: ,

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Description: Cristian Sam's wife has asked him for a divorce. In order to give each other some space, he will be staying with Gabriel Phoenix, a work colleague for a few weeks. After giving Sam a tour of the apartment, Gabriel offers him some coffee.

Alone in the living room, Cristian gets curious and starts to look around until he finds a huge black dildo in a drawer! Cristian calls Gabriel, who returns and is shocked to see his favorite sex toy in Christian's hand. At first, the two studs start laughing out loud but then curiosity strikes, and Cristian wants to know how Gabriel uses it or even more so, how he would let Sam use it on him!

Cristian Sam has a thick 9" cock – can Gabriel handle them both? It's time for Cristian to forget about his marriage break-up and break in Gabriel's mouth and ass!

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