Czech Hunter 663

Studio: Czech Hunter 663

Casting: N/A

Release Date: November 4, 2022

Description: It's not easy to park in Prague. Your best chance is a paid parking lot and even then, things can get complicated. This man used one during his trip to Prague but couldn't leave because of a troublesome payment machine. Eventually he run out of money and got stuck. Thank God I was there to help. Obviously, I wasn't doing it because I'm such a nice fellow... I was looking for entertainment. The guy was broke so easy cash worked like a charm. He agreed to follow me somewhere less busy. We found a nice spot near an abandoned factory. I tried to ignore all the people around and focused on having some naughty fun. The cutie was greedy as hell, and I knew he would go all the way. Feeling my cock inside of his ass, he finally realized the full extend of the deal...

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