Double Penetrating Tristan

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Casting: , ,

Release Date: September 16, 2021

Description: Tristan's grin at the beginning of this one says it all - he is very excited about all that's set to happen. Who wouldn't be, when you're about to get tag-teamed by Dane and Roman?! Tristan knew his hole was set to get a workout, and he couldn't wait for that to happen! Indeed, he was loving every bit of it once it started to happen - the sheets getting soaked by the precum leaking out of his cock made that obvious!

Dane and Roman were also incredibly excited about everything set to happen here - they knew they had an eager, enthusiastic bottom at their disposal to have their way with. They knew Tristan could take the poundings they were each set to deliver, and that they were going to have themselves a total blast using his hole!

And man, do they ever use it! After teaming up to put Tristan's expert oral skills to the test, Dane and Roman each lay claim to one end of him and treat Tristan to an epic spitroasting. Tristan's moans - muffled by the stiff dick filling his mouth and throat - make it obvious there's no place he'd rather be in that moment than between the two studs having their way with him. The action only pauses long enough for Dane and Roman to spin Tristan around so they each get to take turns on his mouth and ass.

We're not even halfway through at this point, by the way! Tristan eats ass, continues to get drilled deep and hard, gets DPed, gets painted by Dane's huge load, then hungrily swallows down Roman's! This threesome is intense from start to finish!

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