Worship 2

Studio: MENatPLAY

Casting: ,

Release Date: December 2, 2022

Description: A Master is a male dominant - and they come from all ages and backgrounds! Master Pol Prince exerts ultimate control over his submissives and today he is visiting Dani Robles for a suit sex play session.

Blindfolded and with his hands tied, Dani awaits his Master on the sofa, wearing the suit that Pol has approved. When Master arrives, Pol begins touching and kissing Dani gently and soon frees his hard cock for a good sucking by Dani.

Seeing Dani submit his freedom turns on Pol, and he tears Dani's pants, only to discover a butt plug sex toy inserted in Dani's hairy ass. Dani smiles mischievously - he can't see Pol's face but he knows this will please his Master! It's time for Pol to fuck Dani to the max.

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