Throuple Trouble, Uncut

Studio: MEN

Casting: , ,

Release Date: November 29, 2022

Description: When Troye Dean and Caden Jackson stay overnight with their boyfriend Angel Rivera's straight couple friends, Troye can't help noticing Daniel LeBang might not be as straight as he seems: he grabs a handful of Troye's ass during the hello hug, then checks him out while rubbing his dick! While Angel helps out in the kitchen, Troye gives Caden a bj in the guest room and takes a facial. Trying to find his way to the bathroom with his glasses covered in jizz, Troye instead walks in on Daniel and takes a deep pounding from the silver fox till he's covered with even more cum!

Caden Jackson notices something's up when their supposedly straight host Daniel LeBang hand-feeds his boyfriend Troye Dean, and he peeks under the table to see Troye giving Daniel a foot job! Caden crawls under to suck Troye's cock and get fucked by Daniel, right in front of the third member of their throuple! When their other boyfriend and Daniel's girlfriend see what's going on, it looks like this might be the start of a new throuple as Daniel and Troye take turns using Caden's mouth and his hole. Troye and Caden swap cum, then silver fox Daniel blows his load on both their faces!

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