Danny Chapter 3, Check-up

Studio: Fun-Size Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Description: A trip to the doctor can be an intimidating experience, especially when you’re a young, somewhat diminutive guy like Danny, and your doctor is more than a foot-and-a-half taller than you are!

Dr. Wolf is aware that his height and stature can sometimes make the boys a little nervous, so he tries to be as friendly as possible with them. This tall, hunk-of-a-dude rather likes it when his boys come in pint-sized packages, and that kindly, bed-side manner of his often gets them completely aroused. And when a boy starts flushing red with sexual excitement, well, Dr. Wolf can’t help but help himself!

Danny came in for a check-up recently, knowing he was being seen by his favorite doctor. His heart started pounding with excitement! He couldn’t wipe the smile off his cute little face! He was no stranger to the handsome giant, but being back where they first met just made it all the more powerful.

And he wasn’t the only one. When Doctor Wolf saw that Danny had been booked in to see him, he knew the check-up was likely to take a little longer than usual, so canceled his following appointment. It’s important to be thorough, after all…

Weighing Danny was the first duty. Even standing on the scales, the boy only came up to the doctor’s chin. And when the older man stood behind Danny to take the reading, he made sure he held him firm - just to be certain he wasn’t going to fall off.

Dr. Wolf always enjoys measuring a fun-sized boy - especially when they turn out to be just over 5 foot tall, as was the case with young Danny. When you’re 6’6'' yourself, that stature is even more exciting!

The next step involved getting the boy undressed in order to check a few things with the stethoscope. If the boy’s heart’s gonna start pounding fast with sexual excitement, it’s important to hear it, right? And boy was Danny’s heart racing!

Dr. Wolf likes to leave no stone left unturned, and a detailed examination of a boy’s testicles and groin is always vital. The doctor was basically looking for any unusual swellings, so needed to roll Danny’s testicles gently and repeatedly between his thumb and forefinger. This sort of procedure can be a little uncomfortable for a boy. It can also prove to be a bit stimulating…

The boy was then encouraged to lie on the bed so that the doctor could check his stomach. At that moment, Danny became a little over-excited and made a somewhat clumsy pass at the doctor, bringing his little hand up to the big guy’s crotch to locate the monster hiding inside his pants.

Stomach duly examined, the doctor was able to focus on the more exciting part of the check-up. He pulled the boy to his feet and instantly started to examine his mouth. And what better way to do that than with your big, fat, daddy tongue? Poor Danny had to get on his little tippy-toes to kiss the doctor back, but there was something remarkably sexy about that!

Wolf then allowed Danny to unleash the beast caged within the doctor’s tight pants. The boy’s dick hardened enormously as he started to stroke the huge bulge in the older man’s underpants. Wolf’s 10-inch meat was soon out in the open and stretching all the way up to Danny’s throat. The boy barely had to lean down to get it into his tiny mouth.

The doctor had forgotten what great head the boy gave. It occurred to him that Danny must have been practicing, because his technique had definitely improved…

The doctor encouraged Danny to get onto the exam table again and got the boy’s feet onto stirrups before starting to massage his hole. At the same time, he switched on a machine next to the bed which, to begin with, displayed nothing but a dark image. It turned out to be an ultrasound screen and the doctor explained that they’d be able to use it to watch his plus-sized dick penetrating Danny's fun-sized body. On the inside!

The boy was hugely excited by the thought, and, within seconds, Doctor Wolf's long, lubed-up fingers were probing the boy’s hole to get him good and ready for his feed. The doctor then pressed the ultrasound tool against the boy’s stomach, just below his belly button.

His bladder instantly showed up as a dark patch on the screen. Wolf held the tool in place and lined his big dick up with the boy’s tight ass, encouraging him to look at the screen as he slowly pushed himself inside.

Moments later the doctor’s big dick appeared as a throbbing shape on screen, rolling in and out of Danny's insides, pushing his bladder aside, seemingly deeper with every fulfilling stroke. And according to the boy, it felt even better than it looked!

The banging continued long after the ultrasound equipment was switched off. The boy gasped, moaned, and jerked his dick as his insides were mercilessly rearranged in a variety of super-hot, highly-satisfying positions.

Doctor Wolf flushed red and gritted his teeth as his strokes began to speed up. He was banging the boy from behind and throwing every last ounce of energy into his brutal thrusts, his pendulous balls slapping against Danny’s smooth, pink thighs…

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