Jack Bailey Encounter 3, Romeo Davis Bottoms

Studio: Twink Loads

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 3, 2022

Description: Flame-haired, twink boy, Jack Bailey has made a beeline for the heavily-tattooed DILF, Romeo Davis, yet again. These two horny guys simply can’t stop hooking up, and they make a little bit of magic every time they meet!

They make out on a bed, tongues battling, legs interlocked, Romeo’s hands wickedly squeezing the boy’s delicate throat. Both smile expectantly. They know this is gonna be one hell of an encounter.

Romeo pulls Jack’s giant, boned-up meat out of his shorts and runs his hands sensuously up and down its veiny shaft while sucking on the boy’s erect nipples. Moments later, the older man goes down on Jack, who moans and gasps in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy.

Romeo strips naked and shuffles to the end of the bed, throwing his legs around his ears and presenting his eager hole to the horny twink boy. Jack instantly gets to work, his tongue rippling and dancing over Romeo’s hairy ass until the older man begins to twitch with anticipation.

Jack stands and plunges his heavy dick into Romeo’s butt. Within seconds, the boy is lustfully grinding in and out of the older man’s muscular body. Romeo groans and murmurs sleazy words of encouragement. He loves how this smooth, pale-skinned boy feels inside him.

Jack bangs hard. He wants to make this a fuck that Romeo will never forget. To ensure this, he picks up his phone and films his dick thrusting into the older man.

Jack can’t hold the spunk in any longer. He throws the phone down and picks up the pace, violently spraying his enormous, raw load deep into Romeo’s ass.

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