Eli Zoubek and Radek Pozer RAW

Studio: Str8Hell

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 3, 2022

Description: Radek Pozer is in charge of Airport Security. He has sexy Eli Zoubek in custody. It seems that some money was stolen from a shop and Eli is the suspect. He purports not to speak Czech as Radek talks to him. He answers Radek in English, claiming to have no id with him. Exasperated Radek decides he has to search Eli's jacket. Then he pats him down. He checks the jacket again and finds some money, which Eli claims is his. Radek decides that he must call the police but Eli says he will do anything to avoid that. He is made to take off his tee shirt and then his jeans. Then Radek insists the underwear is removed too. Eli cups his cock and balls and sits on the chair as Radek says he will phone the police. Eli begs him not too and Radek grabs his hands pressing into his pants. He threatens with police unless Eli sucks on the dick he pulls out. Eli soon acquiesces and sucks on the big cock which gets nice and hard. That big cock grows very hard as Eli sucks on it as Radek pulls him onto it. Radek then makes Eli take all of that big cock in his mouth, pulling his head onto it. That huge cock is shoved balls deep into Eli's mouth. Radek pulls out and wanks and then makes Eli sucks it more. Radek then bends Eli over and starts to rim his tight little ass hole. He laps eagerly at the tight hole as he spread the ass cheeks wide. Then Radek stands and shoves his massive cock into the wet hole. That big cock goes deep into Eli's tight little hole. Radek fucks hard as his hips thrust the cock into that ass. Eli takes it well as the big cock works his hole. Radek pounds hard into the tight ass hole. Radek's thighs slap against the ass as he fucks so hard. Then he lays Eli down and fucks him more. Eli wanks his own stiff cock as he feels that big dong right up his ass. Radek fucks, pulling out and going back in again. Eli keeps wanking himself as Radek pounds his tight hole. Eli soon shoots his thick, creamy, cum as he takes the dick in his ass. He milks himself dry and then has to kneel before Radek who shoots his load all over the sexy prisoner. Then Radek pulls Eli to his feet, shoves his clothes at him and sends him away.

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