Eric Chapter 2, The Tailor

Studio: Fun-Size Boys

Casting: ,

Release Date: February 19, 2022

Description: When Eric started going on job interviews, he was constantly frustrated with the fit of suits and jackets he would find in the stores. If they fit, they were meant for kids. If they looked right, the arms were impossibly long. He just wanted to find something that made him look professional and confident. Of course, given his size, that was going to mean some custom tailoring.

It was just pure luck that he ended up in Mr. Steele’s shop. Eric was walking by when he saw the handsome man inside helping another client. Not only did he seem to find an easy spot to get some stuff altered and fitted, but he noticed the handsome, tall, muscle daddy inside.

Eric felt himself flush when he locked eyes with Steele. The older man just thought a cute, young guy was checking him out. (Not an uncommon occurrence.) Steele flashed him his handsome smile and returned to his client, but Eric fixated on him for days.

Finally Eric managed to make the time to return with a couple items that needed to be taken in, meaning he was going to get up close and personal with the handsome tailor.

Mr. Steele was professional and courteous as always. Eric was beet red the second they shook hands, curious if Mr. Steele recognized him. The silver-haired giant could tell he recognized him from somewhere, but didn’t place how. Instead of lingering on the mystery, he simply went about his work, wanting to give Eric top quality service.

Eric did as Mr. Steele told him. He stood up, stretched out his arms, stayed straight, all of it. As he did, he couldn’t help but start to get excited whenever Mr. Steele’s long arms stretched over and around him. His measuring tape brought his touch all over his body, causing an unintended rise in his loins.

He didn’t want to draw attention to it, but when Mr. Steele asked him to take his pants off for the in-seam fitting, it became unavoidable that the older man was going to see the effect the fitting had on him.

Mr. Steele got down on his knees to draw his tape up the leg, grazing along the inside of Eric’s thighs before it cupped beneath Eric’s balls. Eric let out a delicate breath, in near disbelief that the handsome man had actually touched him on his genitals. Well, through his underwear, but he felt it nonetheless!

Even on his knees, Mr. Steele still looked massive. His shoulders and chest were so wide and his biceps could barely be contained in his crisp, white shirt. Eric realized that his entire width was less that just Mr. Steele’s chest! The more he took it in, the more his cock swelled up in his underwear. And yet, Mr. Steele continued on taking his measurements.

It wasn’t until Steele took Eric’s hip measurements that he had to contend with Eric’s obvious excitement. He playfully mentioned it, saying it might affect his measurements, making Eric’s face turn bright red. His pink skin and freckles disappeared from the rush of embarrassment. But it quickly turned to arousal when Mr. Steele boldly and unexpectedly grabbed his crotch.

“You like me touching there?” Steele asked. His voice was confident and sure, without any doubt as to the answer of the question. Eric responded positively and breathlessly, not wanting Steele to stop. As much as Eric wasn’t expecting this to happen, it was clear Steele had no intention of stepping back.

Steele’s hands moved up from his swollen member to his stomach, gliding under his shirt and feeling his smooth stomach.

“You little guys are so cute.”

Eric couldn’t believe his fantasy was actually coming true. Steele firmly and with total dominance began to play with his cock under his underwear, stroking him and pulling on his nuts. His fingers were long and his palm was big, cupping him completely in his massive grip.

Mr. Steele turned Eric around, playing with his soft, ample ass, feeling it fill his hands in the most delightful way. Steele pulled down the boy’s underwear, letting his cock and cheeks be completely exposed.

Eric started to play with his cock, undeniably turned on and enjoying every second of their encounter. Steele played with his hole, kissing up and down Eric’s neck and back as his fingers delicately teased his sphincter. Eric hoped that the older man was going to fuck him, but he wasn’t sure until Steele turned him around and Eric could see his bulge.

Practically ripping the seams of Steele’s pants was a massive mound being held down like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, begging to be released. Even constrained by the gray fabric, Eric knew this was a big, throbbing cock.

Steele opened his shirt, giving the tiny twink a look at his broad, muscular, tan chest, sprinkled with fine silver hair that matched his head. He was stunning. And Eric’s cock began to drip thinking of what was to come…

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