Erik Dursta

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: March 28, 2021

Description: Erik Dursta is due for a massage. He walks into the room and strips down to his underwear, showing off his slim body in the process. He lays, face down, on the bed and awaits the arrival of the masseur. When he arrives the masseur kneels beside Erik and takes some oil in his hands as he starts work. The oily hands rub over the back and begin to massage the neck and shoulders. Erik relaxes as the hands work on his shoulders. Each arm is bend up the back as the shoulder blades are massages too. The hands glide all over the back moving down to the waistband of the underwear. Then Erik is straddled and the lower back is massaged deeply as the hands move up and down. The underwear is lowered too, showing the sexy ass. Oil is rubbed over the ass cheeks as they are massaged too. Then the masseur moves to the side and removes Erik's underwear completely. That ass is massaged some more before attention moves to the feet. The feet are oiled heavily and the soles are massaged deeply. After the feet have been massage Erik's legs are spread wide apart with his cock and balls exposed between his thighs. More oil is rubbed over his sexy ass and down onto his thighs. The ass cheeks are spread too, showing some hole. A hand reaches down to rub oil over the cock too. Then the ass is spread to show off the hairy hole very well. More oil is dripped onto that hot hole and onto the cock and balls too. The cock is rubbed, coating it in oil. That that hole is shown so well as the ass cheeks are spread. Erik lift his ass into the air to show off that hot hole as his cock is wanked back between his legs. His balls are held up as the cock is wanked. The oily dick gets hard as it is wanked. Erik moves more onto his knees, as his hard cock is pulled back between his legs and wanked more. A finger slides deep into his tight ass hole and starts to fuck in and out as the cock is wanked hard. The hairy hole is fingered deep and the cock is wanked hard. The Erik turns over onto his back. His stiff dick is wanked more and it soon gives up the creamy load, which lands on his belly. That cock is milked dry as Erik relaxes after cumming.

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