EROTIC SOLO, Bolek Cernin

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: February 16, 2021

Description: Bolek Cernin is aged 25. He lives in Pisek and he works as a salesman. In his spare time Bolek enjoys, sports, swimming and fitness. He looks good as he sits on the side of the bed and does his interview, with an almost constant smile on his face. Then he stands and removes his tee shirt to show off his chest. Next he is asked to remove his jeans, but reveals that he is already hard. As he lowers the jeans the stiff cock is exposed. Taking hold of it Bolek starts wanking. He rubs his chest too as he wanks on the cock. The cock looks good as his one hand and then two wrap around it and wank. Bolek lays on the bed and lifts his legs to show off his ass too as he keeps wanking. He reaches down to spread the ass more, exposing the hot hole as well. Releasing his cock he uses both hands to spread the cheeks wide. Then he rubs his tight hole too as he pulls on the cheeks. Turning over he shows off that hot ass more as he wanks between his legs. He reaches back to feel his ass too as he wanks. Then Bolek lays on his back and wanks hard on his cock. He keeps wanking until the rock hard cock gives up the cum. After milking his cock dry he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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