Extra Innings, Tag Team

Studio: Twink Top

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Release Date: N/A

Description: Sports Camp can be hard on the body of a young twink, and that’s why it’s important the boys find time to relax and unwind. When they’re not training their bodies on the track or in the field, the horny men that run the place are begging to get fucked by twinks like Austin and Felix. That’s a workout in itself, albeit a far more enjoyable one with significant benefits they are only beginning to understand. Getting off is great, but having your coaches and mentors wrapped around your hot, young cock is even better. The best boys get access to some of the luxuries the camp has to offer, like the private cedar sauna, usually reserved for staff. Finding themselves alone here after a long day, Felix and Austin decide to fool around a bit. It’s not often two boys find themselves alone together at camp. They are usually in large groups running drills, rushing through meals, and spending downtime sleeping to recover from all their hard work. Being alone is an opportunity they aren’t about to waste.

As the boys make out, their hands wander. Felix feels the firm muscles of Austin’s pecs while Austin explores Felix’s crotch. At first it seems like innocent fun, but the boys are horny as fuck. They’ve seen one another naked at least 50 times and since camp started, and they’ve fucked their coaches and Director Steele together, but now they get to enjoy one another for a change and the eagerness electrifies the air as they bite their lips and reach into one another’s towels. The plush fabric just gets in the way, and there’s no hiding their boners anyway.

Shortly after they open their towels for one another, Director Steele steps into the sauna. “Hey boys. Make some room,” he says. Neither of the twinks are embarrassed at being caught with their cocks out. When the director is around, it’s actually not that uncommon for dicks to be set loose at full attention. Both smiling, Austin and Felix slide apart to let the huge, musclebound camp director slide onto the bench between them. The twinks immediately start rubbing the man’s pillowy pecs, and Director Steele makes out with both of them in turn. Felix is the first to grip the man’s huge cock and kneels in front of him to suck the big meat while Autin makes out with Director Steele. Felix almost makes it to the root of the director’s cock, deep throating the thick shaft as far as he can. The director’s manhood is big enough for both boys to grip it with the head still in Felix’s mouth!...

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