Gino Zanetti and Johnny Cohen RAW

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: April 16, 2021

Description: Since Gino had done previous video work, I decided to have him jump right into a RAW video. Johnny was my first pick. Gino said previous guys could not handle the girth of his cock, and Johnny knew for sure he could handle his cock.

Lots of good chemistry in this video. I wasn't sure if Gino was even willing to kiss, but he jumped right in eagerly. He is young at 19 and still has some limits, but we pushed through several of them on this shoot.

Both guys suck cock like a pro, and they spend a good amount of time servicing each other.

Johnny is naturally passive, and Gino took charge, fucking him doggie-style while Johnny eagerly rams his ass back into him.

Johnny also rode his cock, and Gino really shows off his fucking skills.

They ended-up with Johnny on his back. We thought maybe that Gino could fuck the cum out of Johnny. But Johnny really thought if Gino bred him, it would make him cum. I warned him that Gino might not stay hard to keep fucking him, so suggested Gino crawl up to his mouth and have him suck the cum out of his cock.

Sure enough, that did the trick. Johnny jerks his cock while cleaning Gino's cock, spilling a huge load.

Gino scooped up Johnny's load and further juiced Johnny's hole!

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