Grayson Lange Encounter 2, Silver Steele Bottoms

Studio: Twink Loads

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Description: Blond, diminutive twink, Grayson Lange has found his way into the muscular arms of hunky DILF, Silver Steele. They kiss with extreme passion. It’s clear from the start that the boy is super horny and keen to top the older man. His hands roam hungrily over Silver’s firm, ample butt cheeks.

They slowly undress. Hairy daddy, Silver Steele, is built like his name suggests. His huge, thick dick entirely matches his masculine frame. Grayson is smooth and lithe, and his dick is rock hard and plainly ready to do some serious damage.

Silver rapidly goes down on the blond twink, expertly deep-throating him and causing him to groan with an almost desperate lustful excitement.

Silver is soon on his back on the edge of the bed, legs splayed wide, while Grayson squats and gets his long tongue lodged deep inside the moaning DILF’s hairy, expectant hole. This is gonna be one hell of a ride!

Grayson merely stands up and casually thrusts his rigid dick into the older man. Silver gasps. It’s clear he’s not entirely used to bottoming! The tiny twink is soon boning Silver like a dog in heat, pounding with increasing speed and power. Silver responds with sleazy words of encouragement, willing Grayson to really let him have it. The boy responds more than favorably!

After a bewilderingly lengthy period of brutal long-dicking, Grayson’s meat is ready to explode. He nuts deep inside Silver’s throbbing ass, squirting every drop of his precious semen into the older man’s pulsating guts.

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