Hatler Gurius and Johnny B Serviced

Studio: ChaosMen

Casting: ,

Release Date: January 26, 2022

Description: We find Hatler Gurius and Johnny B fully-nude and making out on the sofa, Hatler's big dick already rock-hard and twitching with antici... pation.

Johnny wastes no time and quickly gets on all-fours so he can start servicing Hatler's cock. Hatler reaches between Johnny's legs and starts milking Johnny's dick before Hatler starts fucking Johnny's throat. We see a couple tears fall from Johnny's eyes as he tries to take Hatler's shaft fully down his throat.

It's very clear that Johnny is doing a good job and Hatler is very much enjoying himself, as Hatler repeatedly throws his head back, eyes closed, mouth agape.

Hatler stands and Johnny continues expertly throating Hatler's dick, using his hands to help add some depth and rotation to the mix.

Hatler sits back down and Johnny gets back to work. As Hatler approaches climax, Hatler takes over and strokes his dick as Johnny asks him to cum all over his face. Hatler shoots out a rope or two in the first of two orgasms, then exclaims that he can cum again.

Johnny gets on the floor in front of Hatler and Hatler unleashes his second load of cum into Johnny's mouth. Johnny cleans up the mess as the camera pans away.

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