Ian Levine and Dolf Dietrich

Studio: Twink Top

Casting: ,

Release Date: May 28, 2021

Description: I’ve been really enjoying my personal training sessions with Trainer Dietrich. He knows so much about physiology and he’s hugely improved my fitness levels. To be honest, he’s also improved my sense of self-worth.

I know that sounds really dorky and dumb, but I’ve never had that much confidence, probably because I’ve always been the little guy. I know, “great things come in small packages” and all that, but when I tell people I’m into sports, they look at me like I’m completely deluded. And until I met Dietrich, I was beginning to think I was!

Trainer Dietrich compliments me all the time. He thinks I’ve got potential. He’s also told me more than once that I’ve got a great body! And that means a lot coming from him. His torso is like a perfectly-sculpted Greek statue. Well, it would be if it weren’t covered in sexy tattoos! I’ve no idea how old he is, but I’m pretty sure if you looked up the word “DILF” in the dictionary, it would say just two words: “Trainer Dietrich!”

When he shows me how to lift certain weights, I just stand there, open-mouthed, watching all of his muscles flexing and bulging. Then when he stands real close behind me, I actually start to feel a bit light-headed! He wears this aftershave and the scent seems to go straight to my dick. I think he does it deliberately.

I see him glancing down at my bulge from time to time. He doesn’t seem to mind that I’m hard. In fact, we joke about it sometimes and I tell him it’s his fault for being so darn hot! I can never look him in the eye when I say that. I always feel my face going bright red.

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