Ian Chapter 4, Follow Up Visit

Studio: Fun-Size Boys

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Release Date: May 15, 2021

Description: Dr. Wolf is a natural when it comes to dealing with worried patients. Whether it’s a sore throat, an STD scare, or even a suspicious rash, he knows how to keep people calm and alleviate their concerns. So when Ian came in shortly after their intense threesome, Dr. Wolf was keen to put on his physician hat and make sure the boy got the advice he needed.

Understandably, Ian couldn’t believe how much he’d taken up his ass. Dr. Wolf has a massive dick on his own, but his buddy, Dolf, is not in any way small either. Ian had never done anything like that before and his hole felt stretched for days afterward! He couldn’t tell if it was real or in his head, so he quickly made an appointment, hoping to get assurance that he didn’t damage his hole.

When he explains his worry to Dr. Wolf, the tall man gave him a friendly smile, charmed by the young man’s anxiety. He asked him to remove his clothes and get up on the table, happy to inspect his tender hole. Ian felt embarrassed, but he was so grateful to have Dr. Wolf there to check him out, knowing he probably could never bring this up to anyone else!

Dr. Wolf spread his cheeks apart, checking out the tight sphincter of the young patient. Everything looked normal, but he could tell Ian was shaking. He was very tense, desperate for an answer. Dr. Wolf had him sit on the medical table, explaining to him that he was perfectly fine.

Dr. Wolf knew Ian probably wasn’t going to be settled with just comforting words, so he pulled out a special guest: Cole Blue.

Cole was dressed in a simple jockstrap, perfectly comfortable in his nakedness as he came into the room. Ian couldn’t believe how handsome he was, standing tall with a lean, athletic frame and long, powerful legs. Dr. Wolf invited Cole up onto the table, switching places with Ian as Cole propped his legs up. Cole was clearly prepared to serve as an example, having no concerns about presenting his ass to the doctor and his patient.

Ian watched wide eyes as Dr. Wolf began to feel Cole’s hole, commenting on how perfect it was. Ian couldn’t find fault with his assessment, noticing how it was beautifully puckered between his round, bubble-like cheeks. Ian felt himself getting turned on by seeing the tall man play with his ass.

Dr. Wolf pulled out a dildo roughly the size of an average cock, lubing it up as he explained to Ian that his anal cavity was capable of taking quite a lot and that he was going to prove it using Cole as a volunteer. Cole gave Ian a smile, happy to help. Ian thought it was a little bizarre, but when Dr. Wolf slid the toy inside Cole’s hole, he was amazed by how easy the handsome guy took it.

Cole let out barely a whimper as it disappeared inside his tight hole. Dr. Wolf asked him if he was okay, and Cole nodded, still chipper and beaming with a friendly disposition. Dr. Wolf played it a little bit more, telling him that this is what it's like to take a normal cock. But knowing Ian’s concerned, he pulled out an even larger toy to better represent his own.

Ian saw the massive dildo, noticing that it was in fact about the size of Dr. Wolf’s. Detached from a body, it somehow seemed even larger! It was like a weapon, capable of real damage. But Dr. Wolf assured Ian that it was okay, lubing it up to slide into Cole as well.

Ian thought the doc would take out the smaller toy, but instead, he slipped it in right beside the original! Ian’s mouth fell open, stunned by how easy Cole seemed to be able to take it! He was getting double fucked right there on the table, holding his legs up as his hole stretched to swallow up the extra large object. Cole definitely struggled a little bit, breathing heavily and moaning as it made its way inside him, but he didn’t fight it or seem nervous at all. He approached it with focus and determination, seemingly satisfied when he felt it fill him up completely.

Dr. Wolf invited Ian to take a closer look, something the tiny guy couldn’t resist. He couldn’t believe how wide Cole’s sphincter had stretched. He was sure Cole would feel this later. But as Dr. Wolf pulled the toys out, Ian was stunned to see his hole tighten back up to how it was before!

Dr. Wolf explained that Cole has had sex with many hung guys and has experienced a lot of deep fucking, and yet his body bounces right back! Ian was relieved, happy to know he might be able to do the same. And sure enough, Dr. Wolf thought the best way to show him was to get the boy a fuck of his own! Luckily, Cole was more than eager to assist!

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