Igor Tarda

Studio: Str8Hell


Release Date: March 30, 2021

Description: Sexy Igor Tarda has his hands shackled above his head as he sits in a chair, wearing just his underwear. A helping hand takes some oil and rubs it over Igor's sexy chest. The nipples are pinched too and the hands work down to grope Igor's cock through the underwear. A hand reaches into the underwear too, feeling the stiffening cock. Then the tip of the cock is allowed to poke out of the underwear and oil is dripped onto it. A hand rubs the oil into the cock and then Igor's balls are pulled out too. They are squeezed and then coated in oil as well. His rock hard cock is released from the underwear and oil is dripped onto it. The oil is rubbed in as the cock is wanked as Igor moans with pleasure. That cock is wanked hard as Igor's moans get louder. He asks for the wanking to continue when the hands suddenly release the cock. More oil is applied to that stiff dick and the wanking resumes. The balls are squeezed too as that cock is wanked hard. Igor raises his legs to allow his underwear to be removed. That gives a brief view of his hot ass too. Then, with the legs lowered, the wanking of his big stiff cock resumes. Igor keeps up his moaning as his cock is taken right to the edge. His balls are rubbed to as his cock is wanked. Igor's hips thrust as well. His big cock stays so hard as a vibrating massage wand it rubbed against his balls. Then the wand is rubbed up and down the cock shaft and all over the head. Igor enjoys the feeling of the wand on his cock and his balls, taking him right up to the edge again. Igor's hips thrust hard as the wand is held against his ass hole too. Igor raises his legs and exposes his hot hole. More oil is applied to the stiff cock and over the balls too. Then some is rubbed over the tight hole as well as the cock is wanked more. A finger pushes into that tight hole and starts to fuck as the cock is wanked hard. As Igor keeps up his moaning that finger goes knuckle deep in the tight ass hole. Then it is removed and more oil is applied to cock and balls and ass. Two fingers push into the hole , stretching it wide and fucking hard and fast into it. That makes Igor moan even louder as he feels his hole being fucked. His big cock stays rock hard as the hole is used. The wand rubs over the tight hole as the rock hard cock is wanked. The balls are so tight at the base of the shaft too. The big cock is wanked as the wand is pushed hard against the ass hole. Then the wand rubs over Igor's balls too. That hole is eager for more and soon gets a dildo pushed deep inside. That toy fucks are into Igor's hot hole as his stiff cock is wanked too. With more oil dripped onto the cock it is wanked hard and fast as the hole is filled by the dildo. That sends Igor over the edge to shoot his hot cum all over his sexy body. The cock is milked dry as the toy stays deep in his hot hole.

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