Igor Uran and Alexandr Jander RAW

Studio: William Higgins

Casting: ,

Release Date: July 23, 2021

Description: Having recently enjoyed a great duo with Alexandr Jander and Igor Uran we now have this lovely backstage video from that scene. We are able to sit back and watch the guys as they get ready to make the scene. They interact with the crew, following directions as they sit together on a chair. Then we see them naked and hard as they pose for some photos, with Igor standing as Alexander licks and takes the stiff dick in his mouth. Next they pose together with both dicks rock hard. They laugh and joke too as the get themselves ready for the sex. Alex kneels so that his ass can be rimmed by Igor. Then Igor's dick is so hard as he gets it ready for action. They work out the best position for Alexandr to sit on Igor's rampant cock, which he then does. They move to the bed and he sits on that dick again to practice. Then we get to enjoy Igor in the shower too.

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