Istvan Bernas and Simon Best RAW

Studio: Str8Hell

Casting: ,

Release Date: March 26, 2021

Description: Simon Best is led into the room by Istvan Bernas. He is wearing a see-thru wrestling suit. Istvan kisses him and runs a hand all over that hot body. Simon's cock is rock hard as he enjoys the attentions of Istvan. Istvan's hands explore Simon's hot boday as they kiss. Then Simon kneels on a bench, positioned just right to suck on Istvan's stiff dick as it is released from the underwear. He sucks on the rock hard cock as Istvan leans over and spanks his sexy ass. Istvan fucks his stiff cock into Simon's eager mouth. Simone sucks the cock and licks up and down the shaft and onto the balls too. That stiff cock is fucked into Simon's mouth. He takes it all the way, gorging his appetite for stiff dick. Istvan's cock is rock hard as Simon keeps sucking on it. Then he pulls out of the mouth so that they can kiss again. Then Simon then turns around presenting his sexy ass. The suit is pulled down to bare the hot ass. Istvan spreads that hairy ass and rimes the hot hole. His tongue works on the hole and then a finger is shoved deep inside. Simon moans as his hole feels the finger. Soon the finger is replaced by the big, stiff, cock. Istvan slides it deep inside and starts to fuck hard. He pulls Simon onto that cock as he fucks balls deep. He grabs Simon's hips for leverage as he fucks as hard as he can. Then Istvan holds the shoulders and pulls his cock hard into Simon's eager hole. The hairy hole takes Istvan's big cock so well. Simon rides that cock too as Istvan lays on the bench. The hot hole slides up and down on Istvan's rock hard cock. Simon's dick is hard and standing proud too as he rides up and down. He continues to ride on Istvan's cock, sitting right down on it as he holds his own tight balls. Then they flip as Istvan lays on the bench and feels Simon's rock hard cock filling his tight hole. He wanks himself and quickly shoots his load as the big cock pounds his ass hole. Then Simon pulls out and wank the cum from his cock too before leaning forward to kiss Istvan again.

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