Ivan Fecek – EROTIC SOLO

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: February 1, 2021

Description: Ivan Fexek is aged 20 and he lives in Brno. He works as a bartender. In his spare time he enjoys sports, boxing and football. He sits on the bed and does his interview. Then he removes his tee shirt to show his slim body. Following directions he then removes his jeans, revealing his hairy legs. He takes of the underwear too so that he is fully naked. He is asked to get hard, and explains that he is nervous, but he starts to wank. Soon that cock is hard in hia hand as the foreskin is pulled back and forth. That cock looks so good as it is wanked, with the balls nice and tight as well. Ivan moves onto his knees, and continues wanking himself as the cock pokes out in front of him. He sits back on his heels and uses both hands to wank. Then up on his keens again he strokes slowly. Turning around he bends over to show off his sexy ass. He wanks between his legs and reaches back to feel his ass too. That ass his spread wide when both hand spread it. That shows off his hot hole really well. He pulls on the ass cheeks to make sure that hole is fully exposed. Then turning over he leans back and wanks his cock again. He wanks hard on his dick and soon releases spurts of hot cum onto his hairy belly. He milks every last drop out of his cock and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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