Ivan Ovanov, EROTIC SOLO

Studio: William Higgins


Release Date: July 1, 2021

Description: Ivan Ovanov is aged 24 and he lives in Prague. He works in IT and enjoy sports, cycling and tennis. He looks good as he sits on the bed and does his interview. Then he removes his tee shirt to show off his sexy, slim, chest. He runs a hand over his chest, which has some hair on it too. Then Ivan reached down and rubs his bulging shorts too. He is asked to take off his shorts and complies with the request. Then Ivan kneels and continues to feel himself, rubbing his hands over his underwear. He reaches into the underwear too, feeling his cock. The underwear begins to bulge more as he feels it. Then the underwear is removed too, revealing Ivan's huge, swelling, cock. He takes hold of the big dick and starts wanking it. As he wanks with one hand he feels his chest with the other. Then Ivan uses both hands to wank that big dick. That cock gets rock hard in the hand as it is wanked. Oil coats it too, making the head glisten as the foreskin is pulled back and forth over it. Ivan lays down wanks the big, fat, cock, with the balls being pulled up and down in the process. With that dick rock hard He lifts his legs, showing off his ass and the tight hole. That huge dick is trapped between his thighs as Ivan reaches down to rub his hot ass. That spreads the cheeks to show the hole even better. He turns over, bending too, and shows off his hot ass again as he wanks his cock between his legs. He reaches back to spread the ass too, pulling on the hot hole and showing it off so well. Then Ivan lays on his back again and returns to wanking. He continues to wank the big cock until it gives up the creamy cum. He milks the cock dry and then goes off to the shower to clean up.

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