My Grandpa and Pops Are Fucking, Part 1

Studio: Family Creep

Casting: , ,

Release Date: April 8, 2021

Description: Jake Marshall and AJ Marshall are finally getting some time together. Nick is off to College and now they don't have to hide their love for each other no longer. They begin kissing and blowing each other. What they don't know is that Nick Milani has arrived home from College and is walking into the house. Nick calls for his Stepdad and Mom but nobody answers back. Meanwhile his Step Dad and Stepgrandpa are naked and sucking eachother's cocks. Nick makes his way upstairs and he hears sounds coming from their room but it doesn't sound like Mom. He thinks to himself for a moment and he opens the door to see his Step Dad and Step Grandpa naked. Jake and AJ both freak out and tell Nick it's not what you think. Jake tells AJ to leave the room so he can talk to his Step Grandson about what's really going on. Nick listens and soon enough Jake has him naked and he is blowing his big dick. Nick goes with the flow and begins to love it. Jakes starts fucking that sweet young College ass as Nick moans with pleasure. Jake can see AJ peaking in as he is fucking his son and soon after Jake fucks the cum out of Nick and as Jake is about to bust his nut all over his back AJ comes walking in....

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