The Apartment, Another Hung Horndog

Studio: PeterFever

Casting: ,

Release Date: April 6, 2021

Description: That Chris slut sure did get around! No sooner had Jeremy Vuitton got dressed and cleaned up after the first mistaken caller looking for Chris, the doorbell rings again. It's hot tatted Latino Matthew Grande at the door looking to get off. This time Jeremy knows the score and immediately grabs Matthew by the package and leads him in for the second fuck of the day. Matthew holds Jeremy by the head and fucks his giant tool down the young Asian stud's throat. After a few gulps and gags, Jeremy crouches on all fours and Matthew gets a musky taste of well-fucked Asian ass. "You're better than the last guy," Jeremy remarks. He bumps his booty back into Matthew's crotch till, what's a horny guy to do? Matthew slides his upturned stiffy into Jeremy.

He plows in with a vengeance, pulling out several inches then slamming back in balls deep. He lies down for Jeremy to ride his cock, pumping straight up and into Jeremy's hot hungry hole. It's time for some doggy style as Matthew grabs him by the shoulders and thrusts in hard. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, FUCK!" and just like that, Matthew is squirting into Jeremy's ass crack then fucking it all back inside. After Jeremy sprays his own spooge, Matthew gives him a deep kiss and commends his fuckability--"You're way better than Chris!"

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