The Boy Jesse Chapter 2, The Auction

Studio: Boy For Sale

Casting: , ,

Release Date: May 6, 2022

Description: Jesse’s a good boy. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was worth pursuing. He’s a tall, good looking blond boy, with milky-white, unblemished skin and a perfectly-defined torso which looks like it’s been chiseled from a block of Italian marble! He certainly recognizes the importance of looking after himself. My clients demand the very best, and young Jesse ticks a heck of a lot of boxes!

The auction went almost exactly to plan. We placed Jesse on the table, wearing nothing but a black jockstrap and I allowed my hands to glide seductively over his body so the buyers could see how easily stimulated he is.

I took him through his paces, placing him in various uncompromising positions to demonstrate how flexible and immensely compliant he is. I’ve found myself astonished by how keen he is to serve and it was vital that the buyers were aware of this.

He was rock hard throughout and the bidding was brisk. There were a number of men in the crowd who plainly wanted him and the hammer came down just shy of half a million dollars, which pleased me.

The buyer was Master Dixon. Dixon is uncompromisingly dominant - a bit of a rough diamond - and the boy will be a good fit for him. As he stood up from the crowd and walked towards Jesse, I saw a flash of a smile crossing the boy’s face. He plainly liked what he was seeing and was excited by the idea of being owned by someone like him.

Dixon wanted me to stick around as he sampled the boy for the first time. We go back a long way and enjoy sex in each other’s presence. I like watching him. He’s an unpredictable lover and always cuts quite the figure as he struts around the room in his dark suit and expensive watch, with his shaved head, bushy beard and sexy tattoos poking out of the collars and cuffs of his shirt. He examined Jesse from all angles, nonchalantly pulling back the pouch of the boy’s jock to get a sense of what was going on down there.

Dixon signaled for me to get involved, so I removed my belt, dropped my pants and got my dick out. Dixon and the boy were staring into each other’s eyes. It was a moment of extreme intimacy which felt almost intrusive to watch.

There’s nothing better than observing the split second when a master and his boy connect for the first time. It’s a deep, almost spiritual moment, where the life the boy has lived so far becomes entirely irrelevant and his new purpose is instantly established.

Dixon plainly wanted to watch me fucking the boy. He wanted to see my enormous dick sliding in and out of him and wanted to use my cum as lube. You can use all the oils and liquids in the world, but semen is the most effective, natural, and beautiful lubricant.

My dick slid into Jesse easily enough. He let out a few gasps of surprise but settled down pretty quickly. Dixon watched intently, unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and rubbing it wantonly. I found myself locking eyes with him and he smiled at me, no doubt remembering the plethora of horny, sometimes profound encounters like this that we’ve shared over our countless years of close friendship.

I fucked the boy real slow, imagining how his ass would feel and look wrapped around Dixon’s impressive weapon. Dixon held the boy’s head protectively as I got stuck in. I asked him if he wanted me to cum in the boy, knowing the answer would be yes, so I got Jesse on his back and reentered him in a position I knew was going to work best for my swollen dick.

The boy groaned heavily as I picked up the pace and started slamming for victory. Dixon put his thumb into Jesse’s mouth to give him some comfort and the boy sucked it hungrily. I’ll confess; I got pretty carried away in those last few strokes. I just gritted my teeth and rammed myself into the boy with all the force I could muster.

I squirted a heavy load right into him which I knew Dixon was gonna enjoy, and, sure enough, as I pulled out, he immediately walked around the table and pushed his huge dick into the boy with one single movement…

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