Johnny Hill Solo

Studio: ChaosMen


Release Date: September 20, 2021

Description: Johnny Hill is a laid-back, good ol' southern guy, but he's not afraid to get down and dirty with the ladies AND the gentlemen.

Johnny gets started with a candid interview where he reveals that he loves a good, sloppy BJ as well as some ass-to-mouth. When it comes to sex with men, he prefers to top, but he's not opposed to bottoming.

Johnny loves to get flirty with the camera - he talks through the camera to us as if we're there with him, getting ready to take his hung cock. He tells us exactly how he likes it.

Johnny pulls off his shirt and shorts (but leaves on his shoes) to reveal his hung, pink cock before stroking it and wagging it at the camera. He sits down on the barstool and uses some spit as lube, stroking his dick with both hands.

He leans back and puts his legs up in the air to get access to his hole. You can tell he really enjoys some finger-play as he shoves one finger in at first, followed by another, pressing against his "spot" while he continues to jerk his dick.

Johnny climbs up on the counter so he can lay back and showcase his hole for us while he continues to finger himself. As he approaches climax, he gets up on his feet and hovers over the counter with one hand fingering his hole while the other furiously jerks his dick.

He leans forward and shoots a massive load all over the countertop. With sweat pouring down his face, he samples some of his cum before the camera pans down to show him squeezing out every last possible drop from his cock.

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