Josef Blazkowicz and Eli Zoubek RAW

Studio: William Higgins

Casting: ,

Release Date: June 18, 2022

Description: Handsome Josef Blazkowicz looks so good as he is interviewed. He reveals that he has never had sex with a guy. But there is a surprise in store for him as Eli Zoubek joins him on the sofa and is soon kissing him. Josef responds to Eli's touching and kissing. They grope each other as they kiss. Soon Eli removes Josef's tee shirt and has his taken off too. Josef's hands explore Eli as he feels lips on his chest. Eli opens Josef's jeans and soon a big, stiff cock is released. Eli sucks on that big cock as Josef leans back to enjoy the feeling. He rubs Eli's head encouraging him to suck that rock hard cock. Eli licks up and down the fat shaft and sucks on the head as Josef feels himself and runs a hand over his new friend. His jeans are removed completely so that he is fully naked. Then Joself stands up, his stiff dick poking out in front. Eli knees and sucks on that throbbing cock as it is fucked into his mouth. Josef fucks the eager mouth as he enjoys the feeling in his tight balls. Then Eli stands up and they kiss again as that big cock stays rock hard. Josef gropes Eli's jeans and opens them. He lowers the jeans and underwear to release Eli's big cock. Josef goes down on that cock sucking it well. Having worked on that dick he is soon ready to go further. He bends over, on his knees, presenting his virgin hole. Eli positions himself and slides his throbbing cock into the tight hole. That cock goes deep inside and Eli starts to fuck. Josef takes the big cock up his tight hole as it thrusts deep inside. Eli pulls his cock out and the shoves it back into the virgin hole. He fucks hard into that ass as Josef feels every thrust. Then Josef lays on his back to he fucked more as he wanks his stiff cock. His tight hole gets fucked so well as he keeps wanking himself. He loves how it feels to have that cock up his ass as he shoots a massive load of hot cum all over his sexy chest. Then Eli pulls out and dumps his cum on Josef's balls. He milks his cock dry and then kisses Josef again.

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